Lisa and Andrew have gone to New Orleans for their vacation. They have a loving relationship, but a relationship with a wild side. Most who know them, know about their kinks and quirks, but then, most that know them have the same kinks. Theirs is a new relationship and sometimes, lisa likes to test the waters. They are staying in a nice inn down in the French Quarter, it is not a well known inn and you won't find it in Fordor's guide book, but you will find it listed on the S&M list of places to go. There are not very many rooms and the owners are discreet if not downright invisible. Maid service is only available upon request. But in this town, everyone knows, anything goes.

Andrew sleeps on the beautiful (and solid) four-poster bed, His hair spread over the pillow obscuring part of his face. lisa admires his graceful form from the doorway to the bathroom: the beautiful muscles in his back, the tight roundness of his buttocks, the strength and power of his legs. He reminds her of a marble statue, so perfect is his body.

After a night of passionate, if not painful, lovemaking lisa has decided she needs a bath. she cannot bear to think of a shower at this time as her backside is so sore the drops of water would feel like a thousand arrows piercing her skin. The bathroom is spacious, with a small settee in front of a set of french doors leading to the courtyard balcony. Fine english tile covers the floor and a modern floor drain is placed conveniently in the corner behind the tub. The tub is a large clawfoot tub with just enough room to relax her backside in. lisa turns on the taps and steam begins to fill the room. After a moment, she decides to add some bubbles. Scent and foam begins to fill up the tub. Hugh, fluffy towels are piled up on the settee and soon her robe joins them there.

The tub is filled with bubbles and though there is little water, by the time lisa lowers herself into the steamy warmth, water and bubbles are sloshing over the side. lisa enjoys this quiet time to herself, knowing that her Master will need her again as soon as He wakes. Just the thought of last night makes her tingle inside. she closes her eyes, enjoying the memory.

"Dreaming of Me, kitten?" lisa's eyes fly open. Andrew is leaning against the door jam holding a riding crop.

lisa drops her eyes, "Of course, Master. i only dream of You."

Andrew comes over to the bathtub, "Did I say you could take a bath, kitten?" he askes.

"No, Master, but i did not want to disturb You."

He takes the crop and moves the bubbles away from her breasts. lisa shivers with anticipation. "Well, kitten, I guess we will just have to make the best of it."

He circles one breast with the top of the riding crop, instantly her nipple becomes erect. Once He is satified with the peak obtained, He starts on the other. The bubbles fall away from her breast, but stick to the crop. she groans softly. "Stay right where you are, I'll be right back," He tells her.

He comes back with a pair of hand cuffs. lisa holds out her hands, He laughs. "No, my darling, you need to get up and kneel in the tub facing the water spout." she obediantly shifts around into a kneeling position. Water sloshes over the sides and bubbles hiss as they pop. Andrew takes her hands and handcuffs lisa to the fixture. she is now slightly bent over while kneeling in the tub. "Now, kitten, I am going to punish you for not asking and especially for not asking if I needed a bath."

lisa's back and buttocks still have bubbles all over them. He takes the crop and caresses each hill of her ass, never once hitting her. He slides the crop along the crack of her ass, making her moan. lisa craves the sting and the anticipation is killing her. He spreads her legs a little farther with a little sting of the crop, she is now wedged in the tub on her knees. He rubs the crop along the lips of her pussy. Slowly, softly, with great care, He removes all the bubbles from her ass with the crop. It is excruciating this wait, she wants it, but she doesn't know if it will ever come. He lays down the crop. Andrew leans over the tub and begins to rub and fondle her ass. It is so soft and pink from the hot water. Without warning, He smacks her ass with his hand once. It is loud, but the water makes it louder.

"Now, kitten, I think I will join you." He climbs in behind her, His legs stretched out between her thighs. Water sloshes all over, the remaining bubbles come up to caress lisa's nipples. The sight of her cute, pink ass with a large red hand print makes His dick jump and strain towards her. He grabs lisa's ass, squeezing it roughly. One hand dips down to caress her labia. As He feels a rush of warmth, He moves his hand a little higher and caresses the other hole. His finger never enters, but the caress is driving her crazy. Andrew scoops up some of the remaining bubbles and blows them onto her anus. The combination of his cool breath and the silky bubbles makes lisa cry out for release. Finally, he grabs her and guides her down until she is sitting on his cock. There is no way that she can move voluntarily, He has to move and support her at the same time. The walls of her vagina clamp around His shaft, making Him groan. He begins to move her by lifting her ass up and down. In a few short strokes, His cream fills her. she is left unfulfilled.

"And what do you say?" He asks. "Thank you, Master."

"And will you try to take a bath without me again?" "No, Master."

"Good," and He slaps her a second time. "Let me get out, so that we can do this properly." she will not be unfulfilled for long.

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