Axfords is an English company.  Sorry about the screw up on the link recently.   Personally, I find this site very difficult to move around in, but they have loads! of corsets.  The pictures are really hillarious as well: babes in corsets romping around the english countryside. Be sure to click on "View this without frames." It makes it a lot easier.
Absolute Corsets asked to be linked a while ago and I'm a complete slackass -sorry about that.
Affordable Fantasies This site caters specifically to cross dressers. Waist sizes 24"-34".  They have some really hot styles of lingerie, too. I still like having Axfords first.  I imagine you'll learn to live with it.
Alternative Gowns has Axford's Corsets as well as bridal gowns, evening gowns and lingerie.
Award Winning Lingerie blah blah blah.  Same lingerie everywhere.
Azzuma's Imported Lingerie.  Some nice basic corsets.  Have seen at least half of them on Ebay. Bust size 32-38 inches.
Barbie's Shop more goth than some, less knowledgable than most.  Four corsets, at least two are mis-labeled.
The Baroness latex fashions.  Three corsets listed, xtra-small through xtra-large.  HOT.
Bodices by Berrybooby is currently not working...
The Black Rose From the UK.  Goth clothing and corsets.  I don't understand their sizing system - only have sizes 10, 12, 14.  A Jean Paul Gautier corset on ebay recently had a size 44 tag that the lister claimed was a size 8 american.  The sizes still don't make sense to me.
Bo Bo corset page.  Standard on-line lingerie shop.  Free shipping.
Button, Boot and Spatterdash from Weddings, UK.  Even waist sizes 18 - 34 inches.  Seven styles to choose from.
Classic Corest has both Voller's and Axford's corsets as well as girdles.
 Clara's Boutique Fetish Fashions (cross-dressing boutique).  Sizes 6-24 (american).  They have maid outfits as well.  Kinky.
Conture Rubberwear from Amsterdam.  Great picture of a woman in a rubber corset, unfortunately, my computer does not support the plug-in needed to navigate this site.  I have a cranky computer, what can I say?  So off I went and used the university's computer (what else is it there for?)  WOW. Here let me say that again.  WOW. Weird program, but the fashion show was amazing.  Check it out.  Do it now.  Why are you still reading this???
Corset Connection emailed me to let me know that they exist!!!  Vollers and Axfords corsets, but they promise to have custom corsets soon.
Corset-shop in german.  Voller's corsets.
Cosmic Wear Fetish store.  In german.  Currently selling Voller's, but I'm told they will be doing custom work soon.
Creative Garb four types of corsets S-XL.  SCA clothing type store, period costuming - some available on ebay.
dd Modevertrieb in German and English. A nice set of styles up to 75cm.  I've known about this site for a while, I can't remember why I haven't listed it before now.  Sorry.
Dark Angel from the UK.  Goth clothing, three corsets up to size 16, bodices SML.
De An Drew Designs has a whole section on men in lingerie.  Assuming they cater to cross-dressers - the front image of the guy in a garter belt and cuban hose does nothing for me.
Delphina's has changed.  Still has a few corsets, but the only one interesting is the industrial corset.
De Mask Not for the faint of heart.  Leather, rubber, etc.  Very Fetish!! Up to size XXL or European 10.
Dream Collection Erotisk - from Norway, I believe.
Dressed to Thrill is not working.
Divinity Designs has some waist cinchers, but I would go there for the custom bodices and things to wear under your corset.
Drac-in-a-box Gothic clothing.  How nice it is that goths like corsets too!
e-Latex has the same lingerie corsets found everywhere.   But they have LIQUID LATEX!
Eros Boutique Corsets has Stormy Leather and Versatile Fashions.  Both companies now have their own websites, listed below.
Eurotique carries both mainstream and Voller's corsets.   Some listed in larger sizes.
Fairy Goth Mother cute name, Voller's corsets.
Fetische from Frankfurt, Germany.  Site is in german, however, corset is corset (sometimes korsette or korset) in most languages.  They list Vollers and Axfords so skip over that - go straight to the Ledercorset(leather corsets).  I'm not familiar with the leather corset styles - they sure are purty.
Fetish and More offers JDesign and Vollers corsets.  Out of Austria.
FetishClothing.Com has lots of leather. What I like is that they also have XTC's Twice As Sexy leather that goes up to size 4X.
Fetish Fantasy Voller's corsets, from Austria.
Fine Craft a couple corsets look like they are from Vollers, others they say are exclusively their designs.  20-34 inch waists.
Fit For A Queen fashions.  S,M, and L.  Not sure what type of Queen the fashions are fit for...
Flirt Fetish has four corsets, sizes S-XL in black leatherish... one of their popups come up with a 404 message.  weird.
Fredricks of Hollywood my very first corset was from Fredricks.  Surprisingly, it is very well made. 
Gargoyles in my hometown, New Orleans, LA.  Follow the link for Gothic Clothing.  Some corsets come in S, M, L, and XL - others are listed by waist up to 26 inches.  All but one corset are under $150.  Mostly Goth and Leather.
Gypsy Moon was listed years ago, but I think the link changed over the years.  If you have a lot of money to dress goth, this is the place to go.  Personally, I'm always looking for a bargain and besides they only go up to size L.
Hauteng Leder Korsets.  German site for leather corsets - eight pages with some bustiers, I just love the airbrushed removal of nipples.
Hot Topic Goth, clubbin, hip clothes.  BE SURE to check out their Torrid line for people who aren't size 10 and under!
Gwyn Strang's House of Ill Repute goth ware.  Corsets hidden in there.  Basic S, M, L - size chart says up to bust size 40 for females and chest 42 for males.
House of Lounge in New Orleans.  Expensive, expensive, expensive.  I don't care if Brigette Fonda *does* buy her panties here, I couldn't pay their price.  Three corsets, (all expensive) S-XL.
Heidi Hooper doesn't seem to be selling her Fetish Fashion For Women.  I do believe that there is another site that is carrying Heidi's fashions, but I can't remember which one it is, Nero's perhaps.
Hollywood Fashions standard mainstream corsets.
House of Whacks Rubber Maid wear.   Rubber corsets - one listed as sizes 1,2,3 and another listed as XS - XXL.  Has a whole line of larger sized rubber fashions.
Il Bolero in french and english.  Voller's corsets to 38" waist.
I P Hawkes Lingerie - "For the feminine side of everyone."  hahaha - a His & Hers gallery showing a full length corset on a man and a woman.  Not bad.
Kayser's has now become Reactor Rubberwear of Australia.  Voller's corsets, but currently selling items from the Matrix 2.
Kentucky Woman seems to have revamped their website just a bit.  Although there are still problems - cannot view any of their tied and teased toys.  However, does offer maid training service.
Kunzmann in German, English and French. They have a bunch of catalogs, no doubt about it. It took me damn near forever to figure out this site. You can browse through some of the catalogs and order directly from them. Axfords are listed, but I also found: Nouveautés Vêtements.  This subsection is in French and displays several corsets that are not Axfords.  I don't know what sounderkleidf is, I will assume that it is one of the catalogs.  You can also do a site search for corsets that will take you to several other styles.
LadyB wear sizes 6 - 36.  Has a gallery of larger women wearing lingerie.  Several skirts modeled by men.  Excellent site.
La Frillies Lingerie.   Six styles, SML.
LeatherWorks A collection of "Medievel, Fantasy, Renaissance, Gothic Fashion, Fetish and Erotic" clothing. Leather and PVC, above 36" waist, add 20%.
Le Chateau Exotique Pretty corsets. Some leather, some satin, some PVC. Anything above a 36" waist, add 15%.
Legula in german. Has Vollers corsets.  I can't read german, you all know that.  However, they seem to have a wide range of toys, etc. for you kinky german readers.
Leder Gummi Studio in german.  Enough! Alright already!  Leather corsets hidden in german language (aka korsett).  Don't go there if the sight of a penis offends you.   Sizes in cm.
LekShop fetish fashions for Norwegians.
Lingerie Avenue basic twelve styles, some in larger sizes.
Lingerie Gallery Corset and Bustier outfit page.  You've seen these before - standard on-line lingerie shop.
Lip Service Fashions for Freaks.  Oops, my bad - that's Fashions for *Fashion* Freaks.  Gothic, clubbish, expensive clothing.
Lorelei is from some Scandinavian country (may even be Iceland).  My Swedish grandmother died before I was born and my Finnish step-grandmother is nuts, so I can't ask either if they are familiar with this language.  Ten corsets listed, very nice site.
Susanne Mayr Dessous in German and English - selling Axford's corsets.
M.B. Productions Corsets in leather. Some listed XS-XL, or 18"-34". They are worth a look if you are buying off the rack.
Michelle's Secret Boutique carries Axford's corsets.   Good site for the cross-dresser.   Wigs and breast forms also available.
Nero Emporium leather Ren Faire type corsets.  Smalls and Larges.
Northbound Leathers has corsets and more in black leather (is there any other color?)  Waist sizes 22-36" (listed as a 3XL). Canadian, so your dollar goes further.
1A-Erotex Fashion has done something different and now I can't find anything.  However, I did find some rubberwear and other interesting items.  Toodle around, they used to have Voller's corsets.
Paradise Online from Norway.  You know, it's only fun to look at the other languages.
Paris Fetish Manor has corsets and other fetish outfits.  I think the men's discipline corset is ... well ... odd.  But of course, that's only my opinion.
Purple Passion has Stormy Leather and Versatile Fashions, but there are three corsets on the first page that are worth looking at.  Cupped satin corset with twelve garters - woohoo.  Gift registry available.
Red Haze Clubwear from the UK.
Retail Slut OMG, there are DRAG QUEENS on this site.  Woohoo! I absolutely love this site.  Gothic, clubbing, wild people.
Rimba Erotic Fashion German site, possibly has XTC corsets.
Satin N Lace retail shop.  Products up to size 5X.
Satyr Latex and Rubberwear.  One corset that I could find.
Scruffy has Axford corsets retailing from another Scandinavian country.
Sex and Fun another German site.  One latex waist cincher.
Siren carries Voller's corsets and lots of nifty goth wear.
SC Corsets sizes 22-32 inches.
Snigglefritz 2000 is not working.
Spooky Boutique Goth clothing store.  Has corsets, mostly patent or latex.
Sonie's Creations Mainstream corsets - SML.
Sound & Vision In both German and English, it is sometimes difficult navigating around, but do it anyway. Sizes are in metric - use the other side of your tape measure. (Size 10 is 105 cm waist, that's about 42 inches).
Stormy Leather I own a Stormy Leather corset.  I love it.  I purchased mine from Throb in Atlanta, I paid $0.25 more in Atlanta than what I could order from SL, so you're not going to find them cheaper on the web.  X-Lusty is for all you BBWs.
Tight Situation THE Erotic Fetish Corset Company (or so it says).  You can buy the catalog, $10 US.
Touchable A Return to Elegance. Waists up to 30"
2 Cute Lingerie has many of the off the rack corsets.  Free shipping in the US.  Corsets are listed under corsets and bustiers - do some huntin'.
Throb is where I got my Stormy Leather Corset when I was in Atlanta.  But they've changed!  I found a lot of new corsets in PVC listed on their website.
Underground Nation wild ride.  Dark site.   Have FUN! LOL.  SML sizes.
Vampirella from France.  Does anyone else remember the sexy Vampirella comic book?  Voller's Corsets.
Wagner grumble, grumble, bloody germans! This site has a button you are to push for English, only it says (in German) that it is under construction. Look under Schnurkorsetts - prices listed, but I don't know about sizes.
Whiplash USA Fashions with an Attitude.  One corset, lots of fetish clothing - spanking skirt included.
Wild and Free lingerie.  Carries the complete line of Allure and XTC leathers.  Many of them in sizes up to 3X.
Wild Rose Boutique has corsets imported from Darling of Canada.
Woman's Touch from the UK.  No longer freezes up my computer.  Axford's corsets as well as other pre-made.
Xplorationz Lingerie.  Allure/XTC leather corsets.
1 Step Above Lingerie Warehouse.  Has one really cute off the peg corset for $105 that I would love to have, but no sizes listed.  You'd think...