Magazine Street is a place for amazing discoveries. Antique shops and galleries line the street in what were once homes. Converted double shotguns, camel backs and three bay side halls which have long since lost their residents, but not their allure, now beckon tourists and locals alike. It is not just the objects d'art that draw people, but the sense of timelessness.

Jan and Kevin have finally managed to buy their first home. It is a run-down little place in the Carrolton area, but it has a fine sense of history. With this in mind, they play hooky from work to go exploring for furniture. They have to have good solid furniture and really only antiques will do. The sidewalk is littered with furniture pouring out of the shops, as if there is so much the store cannot hold it all. Jan pulls Kevin into a small camel back. Each room is decorated with antiques that befit the form and function of the room: hall trees with canes and caps in the front room; sofas and fainting couches on rich, but threadbare oriental carpets in the next; a large cypress table with smooth, polished chairs take up the dining room; and upstairs, the bedrooms.

Kevin gets a gleam in his eye and pulls Jan up to the stairs to the bedrooms. A lone sales person, on hold for probably the thousandth time that day, looks up from her desk and asks if they need any help, but Kevin just smiles and says, "No, thanks. We're just looking." There are several bedrooms made up with different motifs: dark greens on a sleigh bed; lace hangings and patchwork quilts on a canopy bed; snow white douvets on a brass bed. Kevin is having fun going to each bed and bouncing up and down on the mattress. His smile gets wider.

In the "master" chamber, a massive four poster oak bed with royal purple coverings dominates the room. Little cherubs and nymphs frolic all over the head board, giving Kevin ideas. He begins to move the furniture around. Jan protests, but Kevin just says that he wants to see how these pieces go together. He now has several screens placed around the bed. French gentry sit idyllically on each panel. Downstairs, as if from some far-off place, the telephone rings. They are completely alone, and probably will be for some time.

Quickly, Kevin grabs Jan and tosses her onto the bed. She yelps, caught by surprise. Kevin pulls out a bandanna from his back pocket and ties it around her mouth. Jan's hands are still free and she can take it off, but she begins to get into the spirit of the game. However, gag also prevents her from using her mouth for anything else.

Kevin jumps into the bed and unbuttons his jeans. He wears no underwear and his half swollen cock lies against his flat stomach begging for her touch. Jan's nipples harden at the sight. The potential for being caught only adds to their excitement. "Use your hands on me, baby. Let me feel what you can do," he whispers into her hair.

Jan thinks to do this quickly, rubbing him with the full length of her hand, jerking him off, but he won't allow that. Each time she begins to rub fast, he pinches her tit through the soft material of her blouse, distracting her. The warm sensation of his hard fingers pulling the little nub drives her crazy. So slowly she moves her nails up and down the underside of his penis. He begins to shiver. Next she takes just one finger and rubs him tenderly up and down the sensitive ridge. She leans over so that her hair brushes against his thighs. The softness and light touch sends sensation all the way down his spine. Jan knows that if she could get him into her mouth, there would be no way he could hold back his orgasm, but the gag prevents her.

So, instead, she rubs just her upper lip up and down his penis. Lipstick becomes smeared all over him. Jan's hands find their way under his balls. Slowly, gently she holds them and moves her thumb from the base of his cock to the bottom of his balls. He groans, but he wants her go slower still. It is torture for the two of them. Kevin would like to prolong the moment, but Jan knows they can get caught at any time.

Finally, he buries his fingers in her hair making her go fast. The petal soft, rubbery texture of her lips glide along his dick at ever increasing speed. He is near his peak and Jan exerts a little pressure on his soft sac. He explodes with a faint grunt. Quickly, she unties the gag and wipes her face where he has come. Jan tells him, "I think I hear someone coming."

He smiles wickedly, "You certainly do."

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