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Coming to New Orleans? Check out Gambit Weekly's Best of New Orleans or New Orleans Mardi Gras.
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Mardi Gras Links This is a pretty complete selection of Mardi Gras Links. Mardi Gras Season begins with Twelfth Night and lasts until Mardi Gras Day, which is dependent upon the 40 days of Lent, which is dependent upon Easter sunday, which is dependent upon the first Full Moon after Spring Equinox. (sounds pretty pagan, huh?)  Well, OTS decided that I should not be in Costa Rica this spring.  So I will be watching my momma riding in the Krewe of Muses parade.  Next year, (2003) I might be riding with her.
The New Orleans Connection Now with ShockWave multimedia. Cool jazz music.
Welcome to New Orleans
There is also Welcome to N'awlins page. I like this page because it has receipes from some of New Orleans most famous chefs. This page is presented by the Convention and Visitor's Bureau and has good listing of what conventions will be here (so that I can avoid them).
Bourbon St. doesn't have just bars...there's music too! Louisiana Music Archive & Artist Directory will help you find some of the best live performances in town.
offBeat is New Orleans' music and entertainment magazine. You can subscribe, but New Orleanians get it for FREE.
Two of the best venues in New Orleans to hear great music are Tipitinas and The House of Blues .  I recommend the music, but I can do without the attitude.  I would rather go to Tips on Tchoup and Napoleon than in the quarter.
Jazz Fest occurs every year on the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May.  Go to the Official Jazz Fest site to find out about this year's event.  Too broke to go?  Volunteer and get in for free - plus earn tickets.  If you're willing to help a few lost bodies, be a gopher for the artists or have some technical skills, this is a great opportunity to see the show.

What New Orleans page would be complete without something on the French Quarter? I particularly like this page for it's links on wheelchair access and free things to do while in town. I, personally, can think of many more, but then my home is here.
Gay New Orleans. While neither gay nor lesbian myself, I do know of MANY gay/lesbian people. Says one friend, "You and S. are the only monogomous, non-bi couple we know." Is that a compliment? Southern Decadence occurs every year on the Sunday of Labor Day. Where were you? Here are a couple of my pictures from Decadence Decadence 1 and Decadence 2 (more someday).

I love New Orleans. For all the crime, for all the problems, I see a community. I have been sentenced to living in rural Alabama for the next five years with a few good behavior holidays allowed.  Yes, I miss it every day, but please, please, please don't keep telling me how dull it is here.  I already know.  I'm working very hard to find things to do with my life.  S and I have membership now at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.  It's something to do.

These are comments I've heard visitors say while on the Street Car. Don't get on the street car expecting to be entertained. The street car is part of the Mass Transit. It takes people from the French Quarter/Downtown to the Uptown/Carrollton district. The RTA and the City of New Orleans have been re-installing streetcars along Canal St.!!! Right now, the Ladies in Red can go from the barn on Carrollton all the way to the Riverwalk.  And don't miss the wonderful gift from the Czech Republic.