If there is one place in New Orleans that everyone has heard of it's the French Quarter. The original ten square block section of the city is renown for Bourbon Street, Café du Monde, carriage rides and architecture. Nothing is more romantic than a balcony overlooking the French quarter. Tall french windows with bright white sheers that blow in the breeze. All along the rail, flower boxes are filled with a profusion of colored flowers; petunias, begonias, and dianthus. Trailing ferns intermingle with the lacy ironwork and ivy crawl up the posts, reaching ever upward towards the light. It is a lush bower overlooking a busy street.

Tony has some friends who make the French Quarter their home. While they are away, he often stays to take care of their place. He has been "taking care" of the place for the past two years. It's a nice arrangement, he doesn't pay rent for living in the lap of luxury and they don't have to worry about their stuff getting stolen.

Tony's latest sexual conquest is a sweet college student, Jessica. Jessica's parents thought it would be nice to send their child to a good catholic school after spending the last 18 years raising her in other good catholic schools. Naturally, Loyola is the best. But as with any highly sheltered child, once out of mommy and daddy's eagle eyes, she took off into the wild side of life. That is how she met Tony. One of his favorite hangouts is the Dungeon just off Bourbon Street. It is not a real bondage dungeon, but anything that sounded like the darker side appealed to Jessica.

He has taken her "home" and although she is not a virgin, Jessica has no idea what her body can really do. Indiana boys only know how to stick it in, but with Tony, he brought her to peak after peak until she lay exhausted in his bed.

The next morning Tony goes out onto the balcony and sets up a table with bits for breakfast. It is very continental way to eat as the sun comes up over the Westbank and the tourists begin to shuffle about. Unashamed, he's wearing only a long silk robe. Jessica is in a red negligee, a gift for the morning after. Tony turns and tells her to come out and greet the morning. She hangs back, feeling exposed and underdressed, but Tony insists, so how can she resist?

Jessica comes out. He asks her to sit at his feet. This way the railing and the plants provide some cover from the people below. On the table, there is fruit and coffee and croissants for breakfast. He picks up some grapes. He starts to feed her grapes one at a time. One day Jessica will learn to take food only from his hand, but for now he makes this a game. Soon he is dropping grapes down her cleavage. Jessica goes to pick them out, laughing, but he tells her to leave them where they are. He likes to watch them rise in and fall with each breath she takes. After a while, he leans over to nibble them out of her cleavage. Capturing each one with a flick of his tongue and sucking them into his mouth. The soft caress of his lips against her bare flesh sends shivers down her spine.

Tony unties his robe, revealing the naked beauty of his warm body. He takes the sash and ties Jessica's hands to the railing. She giggles, feeling slightly naughty. What would her mother think if she could see her now?

Jessica is now facing the people and the street below, but no one can see because of the plants. If anyone should happen to look up, it would give the impression she is tending the flowers. Tony moves the chair a little closer so that she is sitting on his lap while watching the street. It is a charming scene. Two people in love watching the city.

He reaches up to fondle her buttocks. He rocks her butt gently against his crotch. His dick jumps at the contact. Jessica cannot pull away, sit or stretch out, she is tied to the rail. His soft head begins to harden into a mighty shaft. Grasping it, he rotates the head against her clitoris. Warm, wet juices begin to bubble forth from deep within her. Slowly, he enters her from behind. She moans and the few people out that early look up, but Jessica no longer cares that they are there.

Jessica cannot move and neither can he. All movement must be from inside. Tony tells her that she must use the muscles she didn't know she had, deep within her womb. The walls of her vagina clamp around his cock. He smiles. "That's right," he encourages her. She grasps at him. Jessica tries to move, but there is no where she can go. The pressure in his balls begins to build. The soft butterfly contractions of her sheath are all the sweeter because they are new to her. But he holds out just a little longer to let her get used to this new feeling.

Still holding her, he stands up to finish the job. In and out, quickly, slamming his dick into her. With each thrust, his balls caress the outer labia sending new sensations through her body. Tony's hands bite into the soft flesh of her ass, holding her steady. She will have bruises later that day, but for now it doesn't matter. This is wicked and perverted and Jessica feels she will die if she doesn't come. Tony explodes within her, and their mingled love juices dribble down her legs.

He smiles. "Would you like some cream in your coffee?' he asks as he pulls his fast wilting dick out. One last drop hangs on the smooth purple head and he spills it into her morning coffee.

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