Suzie wakes up in a little B&B off Audubon Park. It's fall, so the air is crisp, clean and cool. Outside the fog is rolling inland off the river. Suzie has just spent the most erotic night of her life with a man she met over the Internet. She would not have normally just given herself to a man, but for months she has carried on a mental affair with Andrew. He is everything she ever dreamed of and more.

Suzie has always felt that she was unattractive. In a day and age when supermodels live unrealistic anorexic lives, Suzie at worst can be called Rueban-esque. But she is a Ruebans painting come to life. Only slightly plump, she moves with the grace of a dancer. Her body fits where she puts it, taking up no more nor no less room than it needs. Her hair is like spun silk; soft, flowing and electric. And her eyes glow with the intensity of her feelings. Even so, she has always been unaware of her effect on people and resorted to living inside a computer.

Andrew wakes slowly. He cannot believe his luck. He has finally found a woman that he can enjoy as well as teach the erotic arts to. Suzie is a blank canvas waiting for the Master's stroke. He enjoys the quiet silence the park emanates and asks her to go for a walk with him. Dressing quickly, they enter the fog hidden world of the park. Hand in hand they stroll along the pathways.

There are a few joggers out, determined to live their lives as slaves to their bodies, but it is so foggy they disappear after a few feet. Trees appear as if conjured by benevolent spirits and sounds are muffled lending to the sense of the otherworld. A sense of peace and wonder steals over the lovers.

It is a day of exploration. After so many months of exploring each other's minds, they now feel the need to explore all aspects of the physical, body as well as surroundings. To the right there is a small path that leads to a gate, Andrew tugs on Suzie's hand, changing direction. Beyond is a greenhouse and hedges enclosing a now silent garden. In the summer, the small garden is filled with annuals that give forth brightness of color, but now the blooms are all gone and the earth calls out for new life. The gate seems locked, but gives way to a gentle shove from Andrew. No one sees them go in, the fog hides everything.

Andrew smiles and says, "Let's play hide and seek. I'll hide and you seek." Slowly he takes her hands and lifts them to cover her eyes. Suzie laughs and begins to count. She hears him move away. When she reaches thirty, she turns around to see where he has gone. He has disappeared into the fog, but it is not too difficult to find him - he has left a trail of clothing.

Suzie follows the trail, picking up each piece as she goes along - shirt, shoes, socks, pants and finally underwear. She bends down to gather up his underwear and as she comes up, she sees him. He is on a small island in the middle of a pond. He stands like a statue - the sun breaks through the fog anointing his body in light. Suzie is mesmerized by the sight. Thick, curly hair reaching just past his shoulders; long, solid limbs glistening with water sluicing off his body. He has the body of someone who is in shape, but from doing physical labor.

She feels compelled to go to him, but the water is cold and she are still clothed. Suzie goes to take off her clothes, but he tells her to keep them on. This is the first of the many lessons and commands she must learn. At some inner level Suzie recognizes that to obey is submissive, but not to obey is madness. The pond is not deep, but she is soaked up to her waist by the time she reaches him.

Slowly and with great care, he strips off each piece of her sodden clothing. She is shivering and she reaches for him and his warmth, but he jumps away. She is not allowed to touch him, he will warm her, but in his own way in his own time. The fire has already begun in the region of her sex.

He begins with her breasts; warm and full in his hands. The nipples are already hard from the cold - he breathes on them to warm them up. Fire and ice mix together to create passion. His dark head moves down and his tongue darts out, first one nipple and then the other. Electric shocks radiate through Suzie's body from where his tongue teases. Andrew moves to stand behind her, his front warming her back - his hands on her tits.

She feels his dick press against her backside, settling nicely against the dimple of her ass. Warmth spreads through her body. Andrew pushes on her shoulders, indicating she should get on her knees. Once there, he pushes her forward so that she is now doggy style. He reaches down and pushes the lips of her sex apart, gazing at the glorious wet sheath.

"I guess you need warming up there, too!" he says. He lowers himself into her body. "Oh, I must be wrong, you're quite warm already." And begins to pullout. She whimpers and he plunges back in. He reaches between her legs to find that little button of joy. Suzie can't hold back, the movement of his fingers and cock rock her to her very core. Again and again, he plunges in until they both explode.

It is time to go back. She looks at him and then at the pond. "But it's so wet." He grins and reaches between her legs, "Very wet."

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