This is where I have fun!!!

We'll start with some questions:

What is a Pagan? from the Latin "paganus," meaning "country dweller." The first pagans were people who did not live in the city and thus worshipped the old gods. The word became derogatory later when pagan began to mean "illiterate." Today, Paganism often refers to any non-monotheistic religion that is earth centered. Most pagans would agree that it is the practice of spirituality and reverence for the earth in daily life that defines who is a pagan.

What is Magic(k)? "The Art of changing consciousness at Will," "The Use of will to bend Nature for Use," etc. Most often used for healing, nurturing, strengthening, divination and (mostly) positive actions. The extra "k" at the end is used to denote a difference between slight of hand magic and the forces of nature shaping.

The Wiccan Rede? "And shall it harm none, do what thou wilt." There is some debate as to exactly what "harm" is, but the meaning is pretty clear. You can do what you like so long as you do not harm anyone, including yourself, in the process.

What is The Three-Fold Law? Whatever you send out comes back to you three times. This is one of the basics of Karma. Simply, whatever you do, say, or think will come back to you. Not necessarily in the same form.

Where Do I Start? I'm so good to you...I created a bibliography just for you!

Here are some links I think you could have fun with!


CUUPs stands for Covenant of the Unitarian Universalist Pagans.

Council of the Magickal Arts was the first organization I belonged to in Texas.

CAWeb - Church of All Worlds is a very good organization. They network almost as much as I do :)


Want to know what is happening in the pagan community in your area? The International Calendar of Pagan Events will tell you where it's at!

Some interesting resources I have found recently: The Texas Pagan Awareness Organization has a very nice site. I don't know why the Texans are so organized, but I certainly wish Louisiana was!

The WebCircle has a really cool site. There are a good 150 pages and still growing.

Witches of the World has some very important information including sections on Teenage Witchcraft, Gay Witchcraft, Pagan Passages, Military Witchcraft, and Pagan Parenting.  This information is hosted by  Witch Vox .  I have loved this site for a long time and much to my shame I haven't frequented it enough in recent times.  I'm glad Wren and Fritz still keep up the good work.

Links and Information

EarthWisdom has some links to some great information.

New Age Info has all kinds of fun information. There is even a section on ritual that includes the Lesser Elvis Bannishing Ritual. It's fun.

Witches' Voice or Witch Vox was created by two of the most wonderful and tireless people it has been my pleasure to communicate with. Fritz and Wren, huggles all around.

WFP stands for World Famous Pagans. Here are some of the most notables:
Starhawk has her very own page. I am glad to provide it as a resource, as hers was one of the most influencial books I read when I was first starting.
Issac Bonewits' Homepage is very beautiful and bizarre. Issac founded the Druid movement here in the US (I forget the name of the organization, sorry).

The Gay Pagan Haven is back!!!!! I have run across several other gay/lesbian pagan sites, but none I like as much as this one. I was cruising around looking for information about a festival we want to attend next year, and HOT DAMN! I found this site again. Glad to have y'all back.
Here are some others:
Hypatia X S PPD Library Don't ask me, I don't know what it means.

Damnit!  I used to have a half dozen links here for all the great, groovy gay sites I had found. Before you ask, I am neither gay nor lebian - I have been given status as a "Fruit Fly" however.  I can't be a "Fag Hag" yet, I'm too young, I'm told.  I think that is a compliment.  Anyway, if you have a groovy gay pagan site you would like for me to include, email me.